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squeezeView Class Reference

#include <squeezeview.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Main view.

This is the main view class for squeeze. Most of the non-menu, non-toolbar, and non-statusbar (e.g., non frame) GUI code should go here.

This squeeze uses an HTML component as an example.

Miguel Chavez Gamboa <miguel.chavez.gamboa@gmail.com>

Definition at line 47 of file squeezeview.h.


void signalAdminLoggedOff ()
void signalAdminLoggedOn ()
void signalChangeCaption (const QString &text)
void signalChangeStatusbar (const QString &text)
void signalConnectActions ()
void signalConnected ()
void signalDisconnected ()
void signalSalir ()
void signalShowDbConfig ()
void signalShowPrefs ()

Public Member Functions

void closeDB ()
bool isConnected ()
bool modelsAreCreated ()
void openDB ()
 squeezeView (QWidget *parent)

Private Slots

void adjustOffersTable ()
void adjustProductsTable ()
void checkDBStatus ()
void cleanErrorLabel ()
void clientsViewOnSelected (const QModelIndex &index)
void connectToDb ()
void createCategory ()
void createClient ()
void createMeasure ()
void createOffer ()
void createProduct ()
void createUser ()
void deleteSelectedCategory ()
void deleteSelectedClient ()
void deleteSelectedMeasure ()
void deleteSelectedOffer ()
void deleteSelectedProduct ()
void deleteSelectedUser ()
void disableUI ()
void doEmitSignalSalir ()
void doPurchase ()
void enableUI ()
void login ()
void populateCategoriesHash ()
void productsViewOnSelected (const QModelIndex &index)
void setBalancesFilter ()
void setOffersFilter ()
void setProductsFilter ()
void settingsChanged ()
void settingsChangedOnInitConfig ()
void setTransactionsFilter ()
void setupBalancesModel ()
void setupCashoutsModel ()
void setupCategoriesModel ()
void setupClientsModel ()
void setupDb ()
void setupGraphs ()
void setupMeasuresModel ()
void setupOffersModel ()
void setupProductsModel ()
void setupSignalConnections ()
void setupTransactionsModel ()
void setupUsersModel ()
void showBalancesPage ()
void showCashoutsPage ()
void showCategoriesPage ()
void showClientsPage ()
void showMeasuresPage ()
void showOffersPage ()
void showPrefs ()
void showProdListAsGrid ()
void showProdListAsTable ()
void showProductsPage ()
void showTransactionsPage ()
void showUsersPage ()
void showWelcomeGraphs ()
void toggleFilterBox (bool show)
void updateCategoriesCombo ()
void updateGraphs ()
void usersViewOnSelected (const QModelIndex &index)

Private Attributes

QString activeDb
int addressIndex
bool adminIsLogged
int balanceCardIndex
int balanceCashIndex
int balanceDateEndIndex
int balanceDateStartIndex
int balanceIdIndex
int balanceInIndex
int balanceInitAmountIndex
int balanceOutIndex
QSqlTableModel * balancesModel
int balanceTerminalNumIndex
int balanceTransIndex
int balanceUseridIndex
int balanceUserNameIndex
int cashoutsAmountIndex
int cashoutsDateIndex
int cashoutsIdIndex
QSqlRelationalTableModel * cashoutsModel
int cashoutsReasonIndex
int cashoutsTerminalNumIndex
int cashoutsTimeIndex
int cashoutsTypeIndex
int cashoutsUseridIndex
QHash< QString, int > categoriesHash
QSqlTableModel * categoriesModel
int cellIndex
QSqlTableModel * clientsModel
int counter
QSqlDatabase db
bool graphSoldItemsCreated
QSqlTableModel * measuresModel
bool modelsCreated
int nameIndex
KPlotObject * objProfit
KPlotObject * objSales
int offerDateEndIndex
int offerDateStartIndex
int offerDiscountIndex
int offerIdIndex
int offerProdIdIndex
QSqlRelationalTableModel * offersModel
int passwordIndex
int phoneIndex
int photoIndex
PieChart * pieAlmostSoldOutItems
PieChart * pieSoldItems
int productAlphaCodeIndex
int productCategoryIndex
int productCodeIndex
int productCostIndex
int productDescIndex
int productETaxIndex
int productLastProviderIndex
int productLastSoldIndex
int productPhotoIndex
int productPointsIndex
int productPriceIndex
QSqlRelationalTableModel * productsModel
int productSoldUnitsIndex
int productStockIndex
int productTaxIndex
int productUnitsIndex
int roleIndex
int saltIndex
QTimer * timerCheckDb
QTimer * timerUpdateGraphs
QSqlRelationalTableModel * transactionsModel
int transAmountIndex
int transCardAuthNumberIndex
int transCardNumIndex
int transChangeGivenIndex
int transClientidIndex
int transDateIndex
int transDiscIndex
int transDiscMoneyIndex
int transIdIndex
int transItemCountIndex
int transItemsListIndex
int transPaidWithIndex
int transPayMethodIndex
int transPointsIndex
int transStateIndex
int transTerminalNumIndex
int transTimeIndex
int transTypeIndex
int transUseridIndex
int transUtilityIndex
Ui::squeezeview_base ui_mainview
int userIdIndex
int usernameIndex
QSqlTableModel * usersModel

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