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lemonView Class Reference

#include <lemonview.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Main view.

This is the main view class for lemon. Most of the non-menu, non-toolbar, and non-statusbar (e.g., non frame) GUI code should go here.

Miguel Chavez Gamboa <miguel.chavez.gamboa@gmail.com>

Definition at line 47 of file lemonview.h.


void signalAdminLoggedOff ()
void signalAdminLoggedOn ()
void signalChangeCaption (const QString &text)
void signalChangeStatusbar (const QString &text)
void signalLoggedUser ()
void signalNoLoggedUser ()
void signalQueryDb (QString code)
void signalShowDbConfig ()
void signalShowProdGrid ()
void signalStartedOperation ()
void signalUpdateClock ()
void signalUpdateTransactionInfo ()

Public Member Functions

void cancelByExit ()
bool canStartSelling ()
qulonglong getCurrentTransaction ()
QString getCurrentTransactionString ()
QString getLoggedUser ()
unsigned int getLoggedUserId (QString uname)
QString getLoggedUserName (QString id)
QList< int > getTheSplitterSizes ()
bool isTransactionInProgress ()
 lemonView (QWidget *parent)
void saveBalance ()
void setTheSplitterSizes (QList< int > s)
bool validAdminUser ()

Private Slots

void askForIdToCancel ()
void askForTicketToReturnProduct ()
void btnTicketsDone ()
void buttonDone ()
void cancelCurrentTransaction ()
void cancelTransaction (qulonglong transactionNumber)
void cashOut ()
void checksChanged ()
void clearLabelInsertCodeMsg ()
void clearLabelPayMsg ()
void clearLabelSearchMsg ()
void clearUsedWidgets ()
void comboClientsOnChange ()
void connectToDb ()
void corteDeCaja ()
void createNewTransaction (TransactionType type)
void deleteCurrentTransaction ()
void deleteSelectedItem ()
void displayItemInfo (QTableWidgetItem *item)
void doEmitSignalQueryDb ()
int doInsertItem (QString itemCode, QString itemDesc, double itemQty, double itemPrice, double itemDiscount, QString itemUnits)
void doSearchItemDesc ()
void finishCurrentTransaction ()
void focusPayInput ()
int getItemRow (QString c)
void goSelectCardAuthNumber ()
void hideProductsGrid ()
bool incrementTableItemQty (QString code, double q)
void insertItem (QString code)
void itemDoubleClicked (QTableWidgetItem *item)
void itemHIDoubleClicked (const QModelIndex &index)
void itemSearchDoubleClicked (QTableWidgetItem *item)
void listViewOnClick (const QModelIndex &index)
void listViewOnMouseMove (const QModelIndex &index)
void login ()
void populateCategoriesHash ()
void preCancelCurrentTransaction ()
void printBalance (QStringList lines)
void printSelTicket ()
void printTicket (TicketInfo ticket)
void printTicketFromTransaction (qulonglong transactionNumber)
void refreshTotalLabel ()
void setFilter ()
void setHistoryFilter ()
void settingsChanged ()
void settingsChangedOnInitConfig ()
void setupClients ()
void setupDB ()
void setupGridView ()
void setupHistoryTicketsModel ()
void setUpTable ()
void setupTicketView ()
void showBalance (QStringList lines)
void showChangeDate ()
void showEnterCodeWidget ()
void showPriceChecker ()
void showProductsGrid (bool show)
void showReprintTicket ()
void showSearchItemWidget ()
void slotDoStartOperation ()
void startAgain ()
void startOperation ()
void timerTimeout ()
void updateClientInfo ()
void updateModelView ()

Private Member Functions

void loadIcons ()
void setUpInputs ()
void setupModel ()

Private Attributes

qulonglong buyPoints
QHash< QString, int > categoriesHash
ClientInfo clientInfo
QHash< QString, ClientInfo > clientsHash
qulonglong currentTransaction
QSqlDatabase db
double discMoney
bool drawerCreated
QSqlRelationalTableModel * historyTicketsModel
QString loggedUser
unsigned int loggedUserId
QString loggedUserName
bool modelsCreated
bool operationStarted
QHash< qulonglong, ProductInfo > productsHash
QSqlTableModel * productsModel
double totalSum
bool transactionInProgress
QDateTime transDateTime
Ui::mainview ui_mainview

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